APP(minicam) User manual


Install APP

                         IOS devices: Please search the APP Store for the app named "minicam" and install it.

Android devices: Please search the Google Play for the app named "minicam" and install it;Or use your mobile browser to scan the QR code and select "Download APK" to download and install the app.


Appears on the phone after installation .

Mobile devices is connected to the camera in a point-to-point way

First of all, you need to turn the camera on ,then open the "WLAN" area of the“settings”on your Phone ,then you find the camera'WiFi signal and connect the Phone to camera' WiFi signal (i.e. UID number of camera,which is unique to every camera), as shown in figure .


(Step 1)                                            (Step 2)


(Step 3)                                    (Step 4)

Then open the mobile APP (minicam) ,The new device will pop up automatically as shown below. Click “OK” and the new camera will be automatically added to the list.


(Step 5)                                                  (Step 6)

Click online camera to watch the video. If you need remote monitoring, set the camera up connect to WiFi.

. Set the camera connect to WiFi

In the point-to-point connection mode and the camera is online, click    in the lower right corner of the camera to go in the setting list.

     Then go in "Network Configuration", select your home WIFI name, input the WiFi password, and then click  in the upper right corner or "confirm" at the bottom.


After click “Confirm” or  , the camera will restart automatically ( takes about 1 minute). After the camera restarts, click 001.jpg to refresh the connection, or exit the APP and reopen the APP. When the camera displays “Online”, the remote setting is successful, as shown in the following figure:

22.jpg    23.jpg

. APP controls camera recording (storage to memory card)

When the "online" state of the camera, click go in the settings page, then go in "TF card set" (please insert TF card first), select the recording mode according to your needs, and then click 20190906or "confirm" in the upper right corner. As shown below:


. Motion detection alarm setting

When the "online" state of the camera, click go in the settings page, Please choose whether you need "alarm push",Then go in“Motion Detection Set”and click “Motion Detection”. You can turn on motion detection (with high, med, low and min 4th gears) and "Close" motion detection. After turning on motion detection, You can choose whether to open "Picture FTP upload after alarm" and "Video FTP upload after alarm", then click  or "confirm" in the upper right corner. As shown below:


. Look over/play back files on the memory card online

When the "online" state of the camera,Click  in the lower left corner of the camera to go in the file list, click on any single file, you can play or download to "local file".

,Look over local files

Open the app, click on in the upper left corner, then go in "Local Files" to "view" the videos and photos stored in the app.If you have a new camera that needs to be added manually, you can go in "Add Device" to add it.


,Set your own password for your camera

When the "online" state of the camera, click go in the settings page, then go in "High level configuration",Then go in “User set” set new password,then click or "confirm" in the upper right corner .If you accidentally forget your password, you can reset the camera to the default password of 8888.


Ⅹ,Icon function on the video page


Listen to the camera's sound / real-time monitoring resolution


Take a snapshot/recorded video stored in the phone app "local file"


Horizontal/vertical flip image


Adjust brightness/contrast


Night vision switch / indicator switch

,Icon function on the main page

View memory card files

Motion detection report

Add devices and view local files

Go in settings

. Specification parameters

Image sensor




Video format


Frame number


Minimal illumination


Compression format


Power consumption


Working temperature

-10-60 degrees centigrade

Working humidity


Type of memory card

Support 16G-128G Micro SD (TF card)

Operating voltage


Play software


Computer OS

Windows/Mac OS X

Mobile OS



1.Unsmooth remote monitoring: please select proper definition according to current network environment

2. SD card video is not smooth when watched remotely using the APP: As the mobile has a limited decoding capacity, you can adjust definition of the equipment recording as fit for own mobile.   

3.Forget the password or show wrong password: Please reset the camera to restore the default password 8888.

Special tips:   

1.If the network environment is changed, Please reset the camera first, then set the camera to connect to WiFi.

2.If the camera fails to read the memory card, please Format the memory card or replace the memory card.   

3. Before shutting down the camera, please first stop recording lest the last length of video be lost or damaged due to not saving;   

4.The camera will have some fever during work. Please make sure that the camera's heat vents work.