W4/W5 Operation instruction


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I.Description of key function and indicator light

1(ON). POWER   2. Micro SD Card seat   3. Power interface   4(M).wifi function key 5(O). photoshooting/ON/OFF indicator   6(R).Record/Reset button

A, the blue indicator light is the recording indicator: recording -> blue light flashing slowly; recording stop -> blue light is always on;

B, the red light is the WIFI indicator, different modes shown as follows:

(1) “Point-to-point” mode: red light flashes slowly

(2) “Remote connection” mode: red light is always on

(3) “Remote connection” mode but not connected to the network: red light flashes quickly

Note: If you don't know what mode is, reset the camera to switch to “point-to-point” mode.

C, the green light is the charging indicator: the green light is always on during charging, and the green light is off after full charge.

D, Button function description:

The “ON” button is the switch key: press the button up is to turn on, press the button down is to   turn off. Both red and blue lights are on for about 5 seconds after the switch is turned on, and then turned off at the same time, the camera enters into the “booting” state.

10 seconds later, both red and blue lights will be on again, wait another 20 seconds for the camera to finish “booting” process.

The “R” button is the record button and reset button:

(1) After the camera is started (the camera has Mirco SD memory card inserted), press the “R” button for 1 second to start recording. The blue light flashes slowly during the recording, and tap again for 1 second to stop recording (blue light is on);

(2) After the camera is started, press and hold the “R” button until the indicator light goes out, the camera will restart automatically. After the restart is done, the reset process will be completed. After the camera is reset, all previous settings will be cleared and the factory settings will be restored.

Note: This reset can   work only after the camera has finished booting (ie, the red light flashes quickly or slowly). Press and hold the reset button (R button) for about 5 seconds and then release,   the camera will automatically restart and complete the reset.

The “O” button is for photo shooting and as an ON/OFF indicator:

(1) After the camera booting is finished, press the “O” button quick once, the blue indicator flashes once, that means a photo was taken and was save in the memory card;

(2) After the camera has finished booting, press and hold the “O” button for about 5 seconds, the indicator will go out;

Press and hold the ‘O’ button again for 5 seconds, the indicator will light up.

The “M” key is the wifi function key: after the camera is started, press the “M” button to turn off the red light, indicating that the camera has turned off the WiFi connection function. The camera no longer supports the wireless connection, only the video recording and photo shot   can be manually operated. Press the 'M' button again, the red light will be on and the camera will resume the WiFi connection.

II. APP download


                                                                       (Figure 1)                          (Figure 2)

Android phones use the browser directly scan two-dimensional code (figure 1) to enter the download page (figure 2), then select    Install APP;

IOS phones   searches the App Store for an app named HDMiniCam then Install ;After downloading and installing, Appears on the phone after installation

III、 Mobile devices is connected to the camera in a point-to-point way

First of all, you need to turn the camera on ( pushing toggle switch toward camera lens,It takes about 1 minute to finish booting),Note:If the red lamp flashes quickly or Steady red after boot, reset the camera first(Hold down the "R" key until the light goes off, camera will automatically reboot),then open the "WLAN" area of the“settings”on your Phone ,then you find the camera'WiFi signal and connect the Phone to camera' WiFi signal (i.e. UID number of camera,which is unique to every camera), as shown in figure 1.


Then open the mobile APP (HDMiniCam Pro) as shown in above, the new device will automatically pop up, click ‘OK’ to show following figures:   

Click on the online camera appear as shown in figure above, then click “Skip” to watch videos.(You can also go in"Change",set your own password )

IV. Set the camera connect to WiFi

One   Method: When video can be watched in a point-to-point way, return to the previous level to enter the interface as shown in figure.

Click the small gear  to enter “Device Settings”, then open "wifi config" ,as shown in figures below:


Find out Home WIFI   signal at installation site, input password to configure camera to be connected to Home WIFI, as shown in figure below:   


Click "OK" to wait for camera to be reboot ( which takes about 1 minute). The camera changes from offline state to online state, then you can access remotely.

TWO: Connect to WiFi using TF card configuration

Insert a TF card into the device and start the device. The device then creates a    file automatically in the TF card. Open the file and change the name and password then save. Then insert the card into the device and start. The device then connects to network automatically (as shown below).

     (Before change)                      (After change)

Important Note:

The file must be a text file;

Pay attention to letter case.

Enter correct network ID and password.

V. Setting of memory card recording: Click the small gear  to enter “Device Settings”, then open "SD Card Record Config" ,as shown in figures below:


VI. Alarm setting: Click the small gear  to enter “Device Settings”, then open "Alarm Config" ,as shown in figures below:

VII. When watching in a mobile, click the picture to pop up menu. The main menu options are as shown in figure below:   

Icons and buttons on video page

Allow user to hear the sound of camera / talk back in a two-way way (The model herein has no function of talking back)

Shoot snapshot / record video file

Turn image horizontally / vertically

Adjust brightness/contrast

Night vision switch / indicator switch

Functions of other pages

Watch current real-time video picture

See the screenshot shot by camera

Check the record files in your mobile devices

Check record of alarm events of camera

VIII. See camera remotely on computer client side

Install the client side tool  in disk attached to the machine into computer.
2. After the tool is successfully installed,  appears on desk, click it to show login box (as shown in figure below)

Input user name (admin) and click Log in (Note: The original user name is admin without password).   

Click  to show figure below:

Click  to add a camera

Click , then click  at left upper corner, or double-click the camera in equipment list at right lower corner to monitor the picture.

Notice:The equipment name can be any one, just facilitate memorizing. While for P2P UID, you should strictly fill in with the UID on the paster attached on the machine, and password is 8888 by default.   

IX. Specification parameters

Image sensor




Video format


Frame number


Minimal illumination


Compression format


Power consumption


Working temperature

-10-60 degrees centigrade

Working humidity


Type of memory card

Support 16G-128G Micro SD (TF card)

Operating voltage


Play software


Computer OS

Windows/Mac OS X

Mobile OS



1.Unsmooth remote monitoring: please select proper definition according to current network environment

2. SD card video is not smooth when watched remotely using the APP: As the mobile has a limited decoding capacity, you can adjust definition of the equipment recording as fit for own mobile.   

3.Forget the password or show wrong password(The default password is 8888): Please directly press reset key for 5s to reset factory defaults.   

Special tips:   

1.If the network environment is changed, reset before connect to the hot spot of camera to re-configure WiFi.   

2.If the camera fails to read the memory card, please Format the memory card or replace the memory card.   

3. Before shutting down the camera, please first stop recording lest the last length of video be lost or damaged due to not saving;   

4.The camera will have some fever during work. Please make sure that the camera's heat vents work.